Join a network of 10,000+ therapists, growing with TherapyMantra!

Get Free listing and Marketing support from world’s top mental health platform. You just have to focus on clients, we’ll take care of the appointment scheduling, client referrals, billing and the rest!

One step solution to grow and manage your clients

Access all you need in one place with TherapyMantra: from a stunning online profile to an appointments calendar and seamless billing solutions.


Elevate your practice using a state-of-the-art therapist directory designed for the modern you


Practice Management

Utilize the integrated chat, video call, calendar, session tracking, and billing features for a comprehensive and streamlined experience.

Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Enhance therapy outcomes by sharing over 100 assessments, meditations, affirmations, and blogs with your clients.

Get Regular Client referrals as our Premium Provider

Basic membership at TherapyMantra is 100% Free and offers several benefits including Free listing and marketing support. You may connect with potential clients through our app, and accept payments in 60+ currencies.

Based, on your performance as a Basic member, we may upgrade you to a premium member. Premium members get to serve both individual & corporate clients at MantraCare. Upgradation to premium membership is currently invite only and depends on factors such as your profile quality, clients reviews, visits etc. 

Basic Membership
  • Free Online Listing
  • Profile Optimization Support
  • Online Marketing
  • Unlimited Chat with clients
  • 100+ Therapy Tools/ Assessments
  • Accept payments in 60+ currencies
  • Appointment / Billing Management
Premium Membership
  • All Basic features
  • Get Clients from Mantra
  • Google & Social media marketing
  • Profile Videos
  • Promotion on TherapyMantra Youtube Channel
  • Serve MantraCare Corporate clients

Why your colleagues choose TherapyMantra?

"TherapyMantra transformed my practice. Its seamless tools streamlined everything—appointments, billing, and resources—elevating my client experience. A must-have for any therapist aiming for success."
Terdpong Tangthai
Terdpong Tangthai
"Choosing TherapyMantra was a pivotal decision for my practice. The user-friendly interface, coupled with rich resources, has enhanced client engagement. A reliable ally for therapists seeking excellence."
Omar El Mougy
Omar El Mougy
"TherapyMantra excels! Its platform revolutionized my therapy practice. From scheduling to resources, it's a game-changer, enhancing client care and practice management. Highly recommended!"
Javier Miranda
Javier Miranda
"TherapyMantra transformed my practice! I typically see 15-20 clients monthly and gain corporate exposure through MantraCare. Essential for any successful therapist's toolkit!"
"This Free listing is exceptional. Clients connect instantly via live chat, bypassing email hurdles. With a payment gateway supporting 60+ currencies, I cater to clients globally hassle-free."
"Partnered with TherapyMantra for 5+ years. Exceptional app, exceptional team. A vital asset for any therapist's success!"

Uniquely designed for Therapists

Therapist Directory
Search engine optimized and designed to showcase your unique practice.
Client Referrals
Private pay and in-network referrals who are a great fit for your practice.
Online Exposure
TherapyMantra is the go-to search platform for young professionals and adults.
SEO, social media, and local partnerships to reach therapy seekers.
Insurance & Claims
Seamless billing and standardized submissions to reduce claims errors.
Invoicing and Payments
Simplified processes so you don’t have to sweat the money side.
Video Therapy
HIPAA-secure video therapy platform for remote sessions.
Practice Tools
Share meditations, blogs, affirmations, assessments (PHQ, GAD, HAMD)

How it works?

Sign up with MantraCare
“Creating a profile grants you a complimentary listing on our platform, acting as your digital business card.”
Free Chat with Clients
Effortlessly stay connected with your clients using our free chat feature.
Use Tools / Assessment
Streamline your workflow, conduct assessments, and facilitate personalized treatment with these essential tools.
Upgrade to Premium
Our premium membership is currently invitation-based, considering factors like profile quality, client reviews, and visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

MantraCare is a global wellness provider offering mental and physical well-being services. In the mental health space it owns brands including TherapyMantra, OCDMantra, CoupleMantra, PrideMantra and MantraCoach. MantraCare also offers physical wellbeing solutions through it brands such as Yogamantra, Physiomantra, HerMantra, FitMantra, and DiabetesMantra.
MantraCare serves both B2C and B2B clients across 60+ countries via a network of 3000+ providers. With over 100,000+ sessions conducted & 5000+ clients served, MantraCare is poised to become a global wellness leader.
MantraCare serves 400+ corporate clients with its employee wellbeing offerings including Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Coaching program, Student Support Programs, Financial Assistance, Legal Assistance and Employee engagement solutions.
All the basic members get a stunning profile page with MantraCare. This helps build credibility. Your profile also starts to feature on the Google and Bing search. Your profile may also be viewed by the 10,000+ daily visitors at MantraCare and its other platform. Naturally, this will increase your business/ earning. You can work at your own rates and use our payment gateway for accepting payments.
Premium members get access to employees of 500+ corporate clients at MantraCare. As a premium member, you serve these clients at a predetermined rate and get paid monthly.
We have a monthly payment cycle. All the premium members get clients from MantraCare and it’s subsidiaries such as TherapyMantra, OCDMantra, CoupleMantra, PrideMantra and MantraCoach. The client pays Mantracare and MantraCare pays you based on the rates negotiated with you
We work on a consultant/ freelance model. It’s similar to working as a full time employee – with more perks. You choose your own clients , your own time. You get compensated for the sessions you take
Yes. When providing services through MantraCare, you must abide by all relevant laws, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to rules of ethics and professional responsibility that apply to your profession.
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