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With a team of dedicated professionals, we are here to offer support and motivation as you embark on your journey to conquer anxiety. Explore practical coping strategies, effective resources, and restore a sense of hope and well-being.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Panic Disorder
Specific Phobias
Separation Anxiety Disorder
Substance-Induced Disorder

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With TherapyMantra, you don’t have to wait an entire week to talk to your therapist.

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Recognizing the Signs & Symptoms

  • Excessive worry or fear
  • Restlessness or feeling on edge
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Irritability or agitation
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Muscle tension or body aches
  • Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
  • Avoidance of situations that trigger anxiety


When to seek treatment for Anxiety

You should consider treatment for your anxiety when:

Persistent Interference
When anxiety consistently disrupts your ability to function and enjoy life.
Physical Symptoms
Significant physical discomfort or affects your overall health.
Impaired Relationships
Negatively impacts your relations with loved ones & hinders social interactions
Decline in Performance
Affects your productivity & performance in professional or educational settings
Frequent Panic Attacks
Frequent & overwhelming attacks, leading to distress and impairment.
Safety Concerns
Unsafe behaviors or thoughts, seeking treatment is crucial for your well-being.

Why choose TherapyMantra?


Holistic Healthcare

Besides therapy, you’ll have access to a variety of self-care resources, such as yoga, meditation, and a nurturing community, to support your well-being.
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You have the option to connect with counselors from a vast pool of over 1500+ professionals, enabling you to choose based on your preferences


Engage in personalized 1-on-1 chat or video sessions with therapists, providing you with essential support and guidance tailored to your specific needs.
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Our services and offerings are available 24/7, ensuring that you have round-the-clock access to support wherever and whenever you need it.


Embark on a transformative journey to conquer anxiety...

Our approach is intentionally designed to be simple and user-friendly, creating a comfortable and relaxed experience for individuals as they begin their therapy journey.
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Are you unsure about the specific type of care you need?

Finding the right treatment for anxiety is an important step in your mental health journey. Engage in a conversation with one of our mental health coaches to receive a customized recommendation tailored to your specific needs.

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We are trusted by people across India

"TherapyMantra India has been a game-changer for my anxiety treatment. The therapists are empathetic, knowledgeable, and provide practical strategies that have transformed my life. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking effective and personalized anxiety treatment."

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Your questions about Anxiety, answered

Counseling can provide strategies to manage anxiety, explore underlying causes, and offer emotional support to cope with symptoms effectively.

Yes, counseling sessions are strictly confidential to ensure a safe and trusting environment for clients to share their concerns openly.

While counselors do not prescribe medication, they can work collaboratively with psychiatrists or physicians who may recommend medication if necessary.

Anxiety counselors understand the difficulties and will work at your pace, creating a supportive space where you can gradually open up and feel more comfortable sharing your experiences.

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