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Our compassionate team of experts is fully devoted to providing steadfast support and encouragement as you navigate the intricate challenges of OCD. Uncover effective strategies for anger management, access valuable resources, and reignite a sense of hope and overall well-being with our guidance.

Contamination OCD
Checking OCD
Symmetry and Ordering OCD
Hoarding OCD
Intrusive Thoughts OCD
Relationship OCD
Sexual Orientation OCD
Sensory-Motor OCD

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Recognizing the Signs & Symptoms

  • Persistent and intrusive thoughts or urges
  • Repetitive actions or rituals performed
  • Excessive concern about germs or dirt
  • Urge for things to be in perfect order
  • Disturbing thoughts or mental images
  • Persistent doubts & the need for reassurance
  • Difficulty discarding possessions
  • Frequent checking of things like locks


When to seek treatment for OCD

You should consider treatment for your OCD when:

Impairment in daily functioning
When OCD interferes with work, relationships, or daily activities.
Distress and anxiety
When obsessive thoughts & compulsion cause significant distress and anxiety.
Decreased quality of life
When OCD limits enjoyment, fulfillment, and overall well-being.
Inability to control symptoms
When attempts to manage OCD independently are ineffective.
Interference with relationships
When OCD disrupts personal and social connections.
Safety concerns
When OCD-related behaviors pose a risk to oneself or others’ safety

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Apart from therapy, you have the chance to delve into a wide range of self-care options, including yoga, meditation, and a nurturing community.
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We have purposefully designed our approach to be simple and attainable, creating a serene and soothing environment for individuals embarking on their healing journey.
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Are you experiencing uncertainty regarding the specific type of care you need?

Finding the ideal solution for managing OCD is a crucial milestone in your mental health journey. Engage in a conversation with one of our mental health coaches who will offer a customized recommendation specifically designed to address your unique needs with precision and thoroughness.

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"TherapyMantra India's OCD treatment transformed my life. Their compassionate therapists guided me through evidence-based techniques, helping me gain control over my intrusive thoughts and compulsions. I'm grateful for their expertise and support, leading me to a healthier, happier future."

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Your questions about OCD, answered

OCD counseling is a form of therapy that helps individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder by providing support, teaching coping strategies, and addressing underlying issues contributing to their symptoms.

The duration of OCD counseling varies depending on individual needs. It can range from a few months to a year or longer, depending on the severity of symptoms and progress made.

Yes, OCD counseling can be effective without medication. Therapy alone, particularly cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), has been shown to significantly reduce OCD symptoms in many individuals.

The timeframe for experiencing improvement varies, but many individuals start noticing positive changes within a few weeks to a few months of consistent OCD counseling.

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